What's in the Book

Kissed by the Sun is a story about family, acceptance, diversity, and what makes us unique.

Growing up with strong Puerto Rican traditions, Amelia learns about who she is and why she is different from her classmates. As she embraces her identity, accent, and use of Spanglish words, she wins over everyone's hearts. 


Meet Amalia

"Hola! My name is Amalia Enise Santana Cintrón.

My family is from Puerto Rico, but I have lived all around because my dad is in the Army.

I have two brothers, and my favorite meal is my Abuela's arroz con pollo with tostones."

Kissed by the Sun

By Brenda Arce

This book teaches children it is important to learn to accept one another, no matter how we look, speak, or where we come. We are all beautiful despite our differences, even if our skin looks like it was Kissed by the Sun.


Meet Brenda Arce

Brenda Arce is the author of Kissed by the Sun, her first book. Brenda tackled a topic that she struggled with herself as a Puerto Rican, growing up in the United States. Brenda is an advocate for Latina women, supporting The Latina Pro movement as one of their ambassadors.

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  • Jessie Díaz

    Account Executive at Clear Channel

    “How lovely for every little girl to see themselves represented in a book like this! So many of us lived a similar journey and this book envelopes the essence of it all in such a warm, sweet way. Get it for every little girl you know and for the little girl in you!”

  • Charisse Sands

    CEO of CGS Solutions

    “This terrific story of identity, family, and acceptance is sure to speak to many readers! The author’s simple approach to self-love resonates with children and adults alike.”

  • Isadora Velázquez

    Immigration Attorney at ISA LAW

    "Brenda Arce’s latest book speaks to the heart. This relatable story of a little girl is fulfilling and sincere. Beautiful, honest, and thoughtful."

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